I am not a native English speaker and hard as I might try, my writing will always be prone to blunders. Your comments regarding my style and usage are welcome and would be highly appreciated.

This document is organized in the following way: the first chapter illustrates library usage as an application shell. This role is illustrated with the infamous Hello World example. Then, the detailed account of different application options is given.

The second chapter describes the network communications aspects of the library. The fully functional logging server and client applications are developed along the line to illustrate the point of discussion.

The third chapter briefly describes those classes found in the library that might be picked up and used on their own. They have weak bonds with the rest of the library and thus can be used in the broader range of applications with minimal modifications if any.

1. Library Layers

libassa library is composed of several layers:

Figure 1. libassa Library Layers

Starting from the bottom up: