Chapter 1. Application Shell

Table of Contents
1.1. Library Requirements
1.2. Hello, World!
1.3. GenServer Introduction
1.4. What's Under The Hood?
1.5. Command Line Arguments
1.6. Handling UNIX Signals
1.7. Mixing Different Toolkits
1.8. Summary

This chapter describes application shell facilities of the library.

1.1. Library Requirements

Requirements is always a boring subject. Nevertheless, a few simple clearly postulated and well-thought requirements might save you hours of work and frustration in a long run.

libassa allows you to create an application easily and quickly. At the minimum, it fulfills these requirements:

Some might point out that GUI applications don't need debug log files. They might not, but think of maintaining your application and dealing with various users. The best way to trace down a problem in your code is to have a log file. Optional logging built into your application might help you to fix your bugs.